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Grey water for your garden

How to harvest grey water for your garden

Why waste grey water from your home when you can use it to water your garden? Connect a piece of pool pipe to a downpipe to re-direct grey water to your garden.


You will need:


  1. PVC weld

  2. Hacksaw

  3. 40mm lever tap

  4. 40mm PVC pipe

  5. 40mm union

  6. 40mm Tee

  7. Pool pipe connector

  8. Pool pipes

  9. Tape measure

  10. Pencil

Step 1

Cut a short length of pipe and join the tap and Tee, using PVC weld to glue it firmly.

Step 2

Connect the union to the tap using another short piece of pipe and PVC weld.

Step 3

Measure and mark your downpipe, taking into account that the fittings will slip into

each other, so you need to subtract the corresponding measurement from the overall.

Step 4

Cut the downpipe using a hacksaw.

Step 5

Attach the Tee to the top of the downpipe. Fix with PVC weld.

Step 6

Connect the bottom section of the downpipe to the union and fix with PVC weld.

Step 7

Slip the hose connector into the end of the pool hose.

Step 8

Attach the hose to the Tee. Now you’re ready to channel your grey water to the appropriate plants in your garden.

Tip: Measure twice, cut once.








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