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Kids Fluffy Toy Storage Unit

Materials and tools

  • Pine wood slats , pre cut to size
  • 8 x 450mm length pieces & 4 x 650mm length pieces
  • Various spray paint colours and paint of your choice, in this project a 2 in 1 and chalk paint finish spray can products were use
  • Paint brush and drop sheets
  • Thick cotton string and a pencil
  • Long and short wood screws with driver bits
  • Wood glue 
  • 4mm drill bit used for wood
  • Clamps ( optional)
  • Power drill
  • 3 x colourful, rectangular plastic planter containers
  • A Square piece of thin plywood cut at (   mm x    mm)

Step 1

Paint and spray paint all the various pine wood slat lengths and allow to dry. Use a drop sheet under the wood being sprayed and painted. A tip is to group different pine slat lengths into different “colour” groups. Get really fun and colourful. Spraymate chalk paint and a 2 in 1 Rust-oleum spray cans were used for this kids toy storage unit.

Paint the square piece of pre cut play wood, in a colour of your choice,and allow to fully dry to touch. Evolve paint in a shade of blue was used for this project.

Step 2 

 Evenly space out, mark and secure the 3 colourful rectangular plastic planter containers to the side of the piece of painted plywood. To secure drill holes into the plastic containers on one side using a drill with a 4mm wood drill bit. TIP: Drill bits used for wood work best when drilling into plastic.

Then use a screw driver and small wood screws ( no longer than the thickness of the plywood) to attach the plastic containers to the one side of the plywood piece

Step 3

Start with the layout of the two “box frames” which form the top and base of this unit. Plan out two square shaped base frames using the multi coloured pine slats of 450mm in length.

Mark out where all the “pilot holes” should be drilled for securing later with screws. It is important to drill pilot holes to prevent splitting of the wood when driving in the wood screws. Drill the pilot holes into the wood (remember use scrap wood while drilling) use the 4mm wood drill bit in your power drill.

Use clamps (optional) and wood glue to temporarily hold the frame in place and allow for the glue to dry for dry.

Step 4

Insert driver bit for the screws into your drill and drive a screw through that pilot hole so that it bites and joins the one piece of wood slat to the other.  Continue to do so to all corners of the square base and top frames making them sturdy.

Once the two frame are secured with wood screws it is time to secure these square frames to the top and bottom edges of the 4 posts (650mm length pine slats), these are secured with pilot holes first then driving in screws at each corner.

Step 5

No w that the square frames and 4 post lengths are all one unit and secured together, it is times to add the taunt string lengths to our project and secure on the inside of out unit using short wood screws.

See where you want your string ends to be positioned, cut to size and give a little extra length.

Drive in the short wood screws half way, tie knot around the screw using the string and then to tighten or pull taunt, drive the screw all the way to the wood. Making sure that the screw head “squashes” the string to the wood surface. Cut off the excess string to neaten the ends.

Do this to all sides but one, 3 rows of string where used on 3 sides of this toy storage unit, you can add more string length should you wish to do so.

Step 6

The one side of the unit that was not used is for the painted play wood with the colourful plastic containers on the side. Facing the right side up, secure the painted ply wood piece to the frame slats of the unit using the longer wood screws on either side.

Step 7

Optional step is to secure a square piece of plywood or board to act as the bottom base of the toy storage. You can leave this step out completely as in this project look, as the floor acts as the base once placed in the room. The string side part of the unit is used to store balls and fluffy toys and the containers on the side for smaller toys of children’s colouring books and crayons.

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