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Ladder shelving



Step 1:

Assemble the shape of your two ladders with the 1.8 m long pine slats, forming the two sides and the 315 mm long pine slats forming the rungs. Measure each spacing of the rung equally along the length of the sides. For this project, each ladder has four rungs.

Once the formation of each ladder is determined and marked out, secure the wood pieces together.

First drill pilot holes.

Then add the wood glue.

Finally secure it with screws and a power drill.

Optional step –Counter-sink the screw heads.

Step 2:

Sand the ladders down using a sander and a 120 – 180 grit sandpaper.

Also sand the four various pine shelves. After sanding, dust and wipe the surface of the wood.

Step 3:

Use gloves for this step, as this stain is oil-based.

Stain the ladders, using a cloth. Dip the cloth in the stain and run evenly onto the wood. One coat was used for this project to allow the wood grain to show through, giving it a weathered, rustic look.

Allow to dry fully, then apply one coat of clear sealant (polyurethane). Allow to dry.

Step 4:

While the ladders are drying, place the shelf ‘stoppers’ or short pine blocks on the underside of each shelf – one on either end. These stoppers keep the shelves from sliding off the ladder rungs when in place.

Measure an equal distance from either end of each of the shelves, mark and add wood glue to each pine block, then and stick it down in place. 


For extra strength, a screw can be drilled to secure the stopper blocks underneath each shelf.)

Step 5:

Stain the pine shelves, both top and bottom, in the same fashion as the ladders and finish off with a polyurethane top coat. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Step 6:

Align the ends of the two ladders and secure these by attaching the ‘chest hinges’. This creates an ‘A’ shape.

Secure the hinges by using the short wood screws and a power drill. If needed, a clamp can be used to hold the ladder ends in place while securing.

Step 7:

Once the ‘A’ shape ladders are upright and in place, add each of the various size stained shelves to each rung of the ladder.

Start by adding the longest 1200 mm pine shelf at the bottom and end with the shortest 600 mm length shelf at the top. The ladder shelves project is now complete.















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