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Sun Power

Solar power is gaining ground as a viable power alternative and the benefits are undisputed:

  • It is a natural energy source which is renewable and sustainable
  • There is little maintenance required for the creation of solar power
  • Solar energy has zero emissions and production is silent, making it environmentally friendly
  • Reduced and/or limited reliance on traditional power sources 
  • It is an investment which increases your property value

Builders is pleased to bring you the latest solar power products accessible to home owners and businesses. We are the exclusive stockists of Sunworx, one of the best quality solar power systems in South Africa. 

Solar, as a mainstream power option, is relatively new to the public and Sunworx has made it easy to navigate the available options and find the solution that best works for you and your home or business. 

First, you need to identify your need for solar. Is it for:

  • Solar savings 
  • Battery backup or
  • Energy independence (a combination of the above)

Then, investigate your selected option in a little more detail. 

See below all the Solar Packages including costs:

Solar for savings

You generate your electricity from the sun, reducing your monthly electricity costs. Various packages available.

Battery for backup 

Have a reliable and rechargeable power source with emergency backup for emergency loads. This option is more cost effective when compared to petrol and diesel generators. 

Energy independence

This is the ultimate power alternative giving you a combination of solar for savings and battery for backup, with limited dependence on the national grid.  

All Sunworx solar power systems have a 5 Star Warranty which includes:

  • 5 year limited workmanship warranty
  • 5 year cabling and switchgear warranty
  • 5 year inverter warranty
  • 5 year mounting structure warranty
  • 5 year warranty on solar panels 

All Sunworx packages include:

  • AAA rated solar technology
  • Complete design, engineering and installation
  • After-sales support

Sunworx is available at selected Builders Warehouse and Builders Express stores. 

Builders is committed to helping you live a better life. 


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